Altitude is a server for the community, by the community! Our goal is to create the very best server for you - with the features you want, the service you expect, and an experience you won't forget. Over the past few years we've made many great memories and we're excited for many more to come, but we need your help to do it. Altitude would not be here today if it weren't for the support of everyone in our community!


Why should I donate? Good question! A Minecraft server has many costs that many people aren't aware of. Last year (2017) we spent almost $2,000 to operate the server. This included the monthly rental fee for the host, our domain(s), website and donation store hosting fees, any advertising that we did, and any artwork or custom plugins that we commissioned. Your donations help fund all of these costs and allow us to make Altitude the best it can be!


You do NOT need a PayPal account to donate! Simply enter credit

or debit card details on the PayPal page at checkout.